Anti – Counterfeiting & Trademark Piracy

Counterfeit goods cause billions of dollars of losses each year to brand owners. Often, the more successful a brand, product, or service becomes, the more it is targeted by counterfeiters. In addition to direct monetary losses, trademark piracy and counterfeiting can lead to harm to reputation and goodwill. Thus, a company’s reputation hinges on its ability to protect its brand and prevent misuse of its trademarks through counterfeiting.

Companies invest significant money and effort to establish and build their brands. Therefore, protecting those valuable intellectual property rights from exploitation is important. Misuse of intellectual property (IP) can take on various forms, such as:

  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Trademark Piracy
  • Sales of Gray Market Goods
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement

This misappropriation of IP rights can cause considerable economic loss of profits and market share by the brand owner. They can also cause harm by tarnishing the brand image, as counterfeits and pirated goods are often of inferior quality. These issues have become a growing challenge for brand owners in the global economy with the ease of Internet sales. Counterfeiting often has an international scope, with China being a particularly popular location for counterfeit manufacture and trademark piracy. We understand the importance of our clients’ brands and the significant impact counterfeiting has on these valuable assets.

As part of our trademark piracy and anti-counterfeiting enforcement programs, we:

  • Conduct Investigations
  • Monitor for Counterfeiting and Trademark Piracy
  • Record Trademarks and other IP Rights with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
  • Trademark Monitoring and Watch Services
  • Defensive Trademark Registration in First-To-File Countries
  • Social Media Monitoring and Enforcement