Luxury Brand Protection

Well-known brands of luxury goods are the primary target of counterfeiters. To minimize losses of sales and prevent tarnishment of brand quality, companies should keep vigilant protection and enforcement programs. Luxury brand protection solutions include, for example:

  • Creation of Cost Beneficial as well as Efficient Protection Programs
  • Counterfeit Monitoring of Online and Offline (Brick & Mortar) Sales
  • Trademark, Service Mark Registration
  • Defensive Domain Name Registration
  • Defensive Social Media Handle Registration
  • Education Programs for Identification of Counterfeit Luxury Goods
  • Special Manufacturer Agreements
  • Employee Agreements and Reseller Agreements
  • Creation of Enforcement Programs to Minimize Need for Reactive Measures

As part of our anti-counterfeiting programs for luxury brand protection, we:

  • Help Conduct Investigations (online as well as in-person investigative services)
  • Monitor for Counterfeiting
  • Send Demand Letters and Negotiate Settlement Agreements
  • File Lawsuits to Stop Infringement and Recover Damages
  • Register Trademarks and Brands Worldwide